Color-Code Binder Sections to Make Them Stand-Out

Using binders to stay organized is a great tool that can ensure information is easy to reference. However, just because documents are stuck in a binder does not automatically mean they are organized. It is essential to sort and divide documents into sections to make it easy to find pages within the binder.

Once the information is split up in categories, Kleer-fax can help to identify the sections. The Index Pro Table of Contents Dividers comes in a variety of styles to accommodate personal taste. The assorted tab option uses color-coding to maintain an ultra-organized binder.

The assorted color tabs have a matching colored Table of Contents. For example, if there is a red section entitled “Promotions” in the Table of Contents then that section’s tab would also be red. This makes the binder easy to navigate through.

The Table of Content page is inkjet or laser compatible, which makes it easy to customize the page. In addition, each pack of dividers comes with instructions and a test sheet to make it easy to use.

How would you stay organized with Kleer-fax’s Index Pro Table of Contents Dividers? Let us know below.

The Table of Contents is color-coded just as the index tabs are, allowing you to stay organized with Kleer-fax's Index Tabs.


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