Binders Stay Organized with Bottom Tabbed Dividers

Binding systems allow you to organize binders in a way that allows individuals, who may not be familiar with the contents, to reference information and easily be able to access the necessary documents. The type of system used depends on how the information is displayed.

For example, Kleer-fax has a set of tabs that are located at the bottom of the divider in order to identify additional paperwork. This particular product has tabs that are labeled from Exhibit A – Exhibit Z.

Each tab is laminated to ensure that it can withstand high use scenarios. Additionally, the dividers are not pre-punched, allowing the individual to determine what binding system they would like to use. The tabbed set is made from recycled stock with a minimum of 30 percent post-consumer waste.

Would these Kleer-fax Index Dividers come in helpful for your next binder? Let us know below.

Bottom Index Tabs keep documents organized and make them easier to identify.

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