Versatile Desk Unit Organizer Keeps Information On-Hand

The Desk Unit Organizers are one of Tarifold’s most popular and well-known items. Not only do they save space, but the organizers allow individuals to reference information without having to sort through files to get it. Instead, the information is available by flipping through the organizer.

Tarifold has several different kinds of desktop units, and one of the most unique organizers is the Crystal Desk Unit Organizer. The features are similar to other Tarifold organizers, but this one has the ability to display information in either portrait or landscape orientation.

The overall look of this particular organizer is elegant and neutral, allowing it to fit into almost any type of office décor. The pockets are made to fit standard letter size paper, and the organizer is available with 10 or 20 pockets. Each pocket can fit up to two documents.

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The clear color allows the unique desktop organizer to blend into any office setting.

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