Use the Safety Hanging Pocket to Protect and Display Permits, Contracts

In construction and industrial work environments, companies are often required to display information, such as work permits, safety procedures and contracts.  Displaying these documents may not be difficult, but keeping the pages intact can sometimes be a challenge.

Since these types of workplaces are often rougher in nature, businesses had to find a way to protect these important documents. Tarifold has a pocket that can protect the pages, while keeping them visible. The Safety Hanging Pocket has the ability to store letter size documents, protecting it for being damaged.

The pocket has a tamper-resistant holographic seal to help secure the documents in place. If the pocket is opened, the holographic seal will destroy itself, indicating that the pocket has been disrupted. Although this unit cannot be reused, it ensures that important documents are preserved for the duration of the project.

Tarifold Safety Hanging Pocket

The clear pocket has a holographic seal that is destroyed if the sealed is tampered with.

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