Turn Your Office Area into a Clutter-Free Zone

Keep clutter off of your desk and smaller office products together with the t-office Modular Reference Display, by Tarifold.

The contemporary design of the desktop organizer creates a stylish area to hold your frequently referenced data, information and documents. The starter set comes with 10 gray wire-reinforced non-glare polypropylene pockets. Because they are two-sided, you can store up to 20 pages. The pockets can also be easily removed for photocopying purposes.

Snap-on index tabs are also included, for quick and easy information identification. The stand has three compartments to hold smaller items, such as sticky notes, pens, binder clips and more.

Although the starter set comes with 10 pockets, you can easily expand to 20 or 30 pockets with the installation of the expansion sets. If you require even more storage room, the organizer becomes infinitely expandable with the additional of the extension sets.

Tarifold t-office Modular Reference Display

The Tarifold t-office Modular Reference Display keeps your desk clean, clutter-free and chic.

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