Transport Documents with Ease By Using Tarifold’s Briefcase

Relocating paperwork can be challenging when trying to eliminate any type of damage from occurring to the pages. Teachers have a job that often requires them to transport paperwork from home to the classroom and vice versa. Using one of Tarifold’s organizers will make it easy for teachers to grade homework or tests at home without damaging or losing pages.

The Opaque Briefcase is a unique item that is suitable for individuals who would have to transport letter-size documents outside of the office or classroom. This unit is constructed of high quality polypropylene, creating a durable storage space. The opaque finish ensures that documents stored inside will not be visible from outside the briefcase.

The snap clip closure will help to keep the case sealed during the commute. Additionally, the retractable handle makes it easy to carry documents from one place to another. Inside the briefcase, there are two slots available to store writing instruments, if needed. Overall, this lightweight briefcase creates a document storage place that can easily be relocated.

Tarifold Opaque Briefcase

The Briefcases are available in three different colors, but all have the same opaque finish to offer privacy.

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