Transport Documents Easily with Tarifold Expanding File

There are many expanding files on the market and each has its own unique feature. Tarifold’s Expanding File Case is great to transport valuable documents, which is ideal for the contemporary office, school and university student.

The Expanding File Case is made with polypropylene making it more lightweight compared to a traditional suitcase. In addition, the durable material can protect papers and files from scratches and resist water. The retractable handle on top of the case also allows transporting documents from one place to another while keeping information inside sorted and organized.

The expanding file case can stretch open that allows more storage than a one pocket case holder. Plus, the colorful index tabs make it easier to sort and identify files. The transparent outer shell gives some visibility of the type of documents stored inside.

Tarifold Expanding File Case

Tarifold Collection Expanding File Cases are easy to carry with retractable handle and easily transportable.

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