Tarifold’s Infostand Keeps Information Visible in a Floor Stand

Tarifold is known for having freestanding desktop units that have the ability to showcase information while keeping documents protected. Desktop units are not Tarifold’s only type of freestanding organizer, however.

The Infostand Telescopic Column is a floor unit that can be adjusted to visually inform individuals. The column can support the paperwork organizers to help display signs and other documents.

The steel tube has an epoxy paint finish and can rotate a full 360 degrees to make the information readable from anywhere. Adjust the reading angle and the height of the column from 27” to 49” high. The stand also comes on wheels making it easy to move from room to another.

Wondering how to use this freestanding floor unit in your office? Place the stand in your lobby to direct visitors on where people’s offices are located. Use the stand to store and display emergency information so employees can view the information at any time.

Tarifold Infostand Telescopic Column

Adjust the height and reading angle of the stand, in addition to relocating it due to the attached wheels.

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