Tarifold’s Expanding File Case Helps Organize Messy Desktops

Keeping paperwork organized often will help to reduce clutter throughout your workspace. Instead of dealing with multiple piles of paper and files scattered around your desktop, there are many Tarifold items, in particular, that can help save space while creating a new method of keeping documents in order.

The Tarfold Expanding File Case is a great location for documents to be stored. Once the case is full of pages, place the case in a drawer to keep your desktop area free of clutter. The document case is split up into several pockets with tabs, making the file easy to sort through.

Choose from three color options available in order to coordinate with your office colors or personal style. The Expanding File Case, which stores letter-size documents, can easily be transported to another office or meeting area. Once the case is sealed, the retractable handle makes it easy to carry the file without worrying about damaging any pages.

Tarifold’s Expanding File is a great way to store documents since it removes clutter from the desktop and offers protection for important documents. Have you used this Tarifold product in the past? Let us know your thoughts below.

Tarifold Expanding File Case

Choose from the selection of color assortments Tarifold has available to truly match the Expanding Case to your style.

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