Swing Arm Keeps Important Documents Visible

Keeping information at your fingertips not only saves time, but it eliminates the frustration of searching through numerous files and paperwork before locating specific information. Tarifold has many desktop units that help to store high-use documents. The Swing Arm, however, is one of the most unique items.

With its ability to clamp to the edge of your work surface, the Swing Arm automatically helps to save space on your desktop.  The pivoting arm can be adjusted, making sure that the documents can be angled to ensure visibility while you are at your desk.

The Swing Arm is available by itself or you can purchase the starter set, which comes with 10 or 20 reinforced display pockets. Since each pocket can hold up to two letter-size documents, you have the ability to fit a lot of information into this convenient storage unit.

Tarifold Swing Arm

The Swing Arm is adjustable and can hold up to 20 wire-reinforced display pockets.

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