Store Past Meeting Notes in Tarifold’s Brochure Display Unit

Weekly meetings are a common practice among businesses. It creates the opportunity for employees from the same department or those heading up various areas of the company to come together to report on what’s new in their positions.

Providing notes at each meeting is a great way to maintain a record for employees to look back on. The Tarifold Horizontal Hanging Brochure Display is the perfect place to store the letter-size meeting notes. Storing the copies in the meeting room will ensure that employees have access to the material at all times.

Simply, hang the PVC pocket to a wall in the meeting room by utilizing the hangers, which come with the unit. The clear holders have a blue edging that allows the pocket to stand-out to employees while protecting documents stored inside.

The rear pocket can display the original document so that if new copies must be made, the individual can refer to the most recent copy of the notes that was placed in the display. Prior to a new meeting, copies of the notes from the previous week can be placed in the display for all employees to take.

Tarifold Horizontal Hanging Brochure Display

Large PVC pockets have the ability to store up to 75 letter-size pages at one time.

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