Store and Protect Single Pages in Tarifold’s Standard Pocket

Known for their desktop organizers, Tarifold’s freestanding units have the ability to keep documents visible and protected. Some people may not have enough documents to fill an entire unit, but still want to keep information accessible.

Tarfold’s Easy Standard Pocket has the ability protect a single letter-size document. Teachers who constantly refer to their seating chart or secretaries who reference the company phone list would find this product beneficial.

To use, simply pull off the cover sheet, slide in the page and secure the cover sheet in place. Since there is a top and side opening, it is makes it easy to add and remove pages as necessary.

The pocket’s material protects the document being stored, making it possible to leave it out on your desktop and not get damaged.

Tarifold Easy Standard Pocket

The Easy Standard Pockets feature green reinforced edging to provide additional protection.

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