Run Out of Storage Space? Tarifold’s Wall Unit Organizer can Help!

Typically, people use desktop space in combination with filing cabinets and drawers to store all of their paperwork. Often times, the frequently used files will be stored on the desktop, while the older files get stored in cabinets. When space becomes limited, there is always the option to utilize wall space.

Tarifold’s Wall Unit Organizer allows individuals to directly mount paperwork in a protective holder to the wall. This allows documents to remain accessible by eliminating the needs to search through files and paperwork. Mounting the organizer on the wall will also increase the amount of storage space available.

Tarifold’s organizer comes with ten, letter-size pockets that can hold up to two pages in each. There are snap-on tabs that can be used to help identify the location of specific documents. The blue wire-reinforced display pockets protect the pages stored inside. Additionally, Tarifold has the option to expand the organizer and add more pockets, if necessary.

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Tarifold Wall Unit Organizer

The wall organizer has snap-on tabs that help to create sections and make it easier to locate specific information.

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