Personalize Presentations of All Types

It’s presentation time, and while you are putting together hand-outs for all the attendees, you realize there is a problem. You don’t have anything to put the information in! All the appropriate options have been considered: binders, report covers, document cases. The list goes on, but nothing seems to fit with the various hand-out sizes you have.

Tarifold’s Document Folder can ease your presentation woes. The double pockets can fit up to A4 sized paper, providing for a range of different sizes to be stored. Inside the folder, there is a convenient business card holder that is a professional way to provide contact information.

The translucent folder comes in smoke and assorted colors. A unique way to personalize your presentation would be to create a cover page to put in the folder, which can easily be seen through the front cover of the folder.

Also, there is a label on the top left corner of the document folder. This could be used to write down the attendees’ names, which is a small way to add additional detail to the presentation packets.

Be sure to consider Tarifold’s Document Folder as a durable, professional option to get organized the next time you have an important presentation!

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Tarifold Document Folders come in assorted and a smoke option, which makes it easy to customize hand-outs by matching them to the company's colors.

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