Organize Several Subjects in One Transportable File

Traditionally, students are taught to utilize folders to organize hand-outs and assignments. The idea is that there should be one folder per subject so all the information remains within the same place. However, having several folders can sometimes be too much for a young student to manage. In addition, it can be a huge burden transporting multiple folders to and from school on a regular basis.

Tarifold has an Expanding File Case that allows individuals to store and organize all of their classroom subjects within one compact file. The file, which comes with a selection of colors, has 13-pockets that can be used to store individual course material.

Each pocket has tabs that make it easy for students to identify how documents are organized within the expanding file.  The polypropylene document holder is secured with a clip closure. Additionally, the file has a retractable handle, making it easy to transport documents from one location to the next.

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Choose from green, yellow or gray inside pockets to add color to your expanding file case.


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