Make Your Most Used Documents Stand-Out

Working outside of the office or traveling to business meetings in general can make it difficult to stay as organized as you would like to be. While commuting, you run the risk of damaging documents or, even worse, losing them.

Above all else, high usage documents, such as order forms or company information sheets, should be in a designated area that can always be located. Fortunately, Tarifold’s Document Wallet provides an easily accessible storage solution.

The document wallet has a unique flap design that provides additional protection for your documents. Since it has a short edge opening, it is ideal for the folder to use documents that have been printed in a landscape format.

Use the white label, located on the bottom left corner, to identify the contents of the holder.

Since the polypropylene material is lightweight and thin, it can fit into a briefcase’s front pocket to separate the contents from other files. If placed with additional folders, the assorted colors make the document wallet easy to identify among other storage options.

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The bright assortment of colors makes the Document Wallet easily identifiable among a group of files.

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