Get Your Desktop Organized to Increase Productivitiy

Hate searching all over your office for that cross-reference list? Then, when you finally find it, you have to awkwardly lean over it to read the data on the flat, horizontal surface while you use that information complete a spreadsheet? “Yes”, you say? Then, consider keeping manuals, price lists, instruction sheets and other reference materials in order with the Tarifold t-technic Original Desktop Organizer with a metal base.

Each pocket is clear on both sides, so that it holds two pages or sheets of paper. Once the organizer is loaded with frequently referenced information and materials, that is when the magic happens. Instead of hunting all over your desk, book shelves and file cabinets, the information is right there, in a color-coded series of pockets. Plus, its convenient-to-read angled surface makes it easier to glance at the information while working. If you need more space, the organizer can easily be expanded to go from holding 20 sheets to 120 pages of information.

Tarifold Desktop Organizer - Assorted Colored Pockets

Keep frequently referenced materials at your fingertips with the t-technic Original Desktop Organizer with metal base from Tarifold.

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