Free Up Desk Space with Tarifold’s Telephone Arm

When it comes to your desktop, if you have limited space available to work that can become a problem. Sometimes there are specific things such as a phone and company directory that need to be available at all times. Why not store these items in a creative way that keeps these items available without taking up desktop space?

Tarifold has a Combination Telephone Arm that creates storage space for your telephone. Combine this unit with a Tarifold Display Unit and you have the ability to store up to 20 letter-size documents right next to your phone.

The unit comes with hardware making the installation an easy process.  Store in your cubicle or office space to create more working space within a matter of minutes.

Tarifold Combination Telephone Arm

Use this unique Combination Telephone Arm to store your office phone along with a Tarifold Wall Unit.

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