Expanding File Case Protects Documents During Transport

Avoid damaging files by storing them in a durable protective case that makes it easy to transport pages from office to a client meeting or from classroom to classroom. Tarifold has a unique item acts as a briefcase and an expanding file to help organize and move files.

The Expanding File Case is letter-size and made up of high quality polypropylene. The case features a retractable handle which makes it easy to carry from place to place.

The two-tone design has a transparent cover and colored inside pockets that help to organize the documents inside. Pockets are available in green, yellow and gray. Pockets also have a tab that makes it possible to create sections within the case and easily locate information.

Tarifold Expanding File Case

Expanding File Cases have a clear outer cover with color pockets on the insides, making the sections stand out.

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