Easy Standard Pocket Helps Documents Stand Out in File Folders

Many professionals use file folders to help organize and protect information. When documents are in the folders, there is no way to help make an important document stand-out or sort the pages. Tarifold has a pocket that can be utilized to store documents within the file folders to make them more accessible.

The Easy Standard Pocket is letter-size and has a plastic cover that helps to protect documents. The durable outer edge provides additional protection while making the documents stand-out among the other pages stored within the file folder.

Clear on both sides, the holder has a front cover sheet that should be pulled back to insert the page. The openings on the top and side of the pocket make it easy to slide documents in quickly. Pocket can fit up to 8-1/2 x 11 size documents.

Use this sturdy pocket to help protect important documents, while making information easily accessible.

Tarifold Easy Standard Pocket

The unique holder helps make special documents stand out within file folders.

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