Document Folder Great for Storing Miscellaneous Information

Staying organized at the office is important because knowing where things are located makes it possible to access information in a timely manner. Many people create a system that is personal to them, which makes it easy to remember how paperwork is sorted.

Although it is easy to categorize and store documents in files, sometimes there are miscellaneous type of notes that may not fit in a particular category. Meeting notes, product updates or log-in instructions are perfect examples of this type of information. It is important to store this information, but it may not have a place within your system.

The Tarifold Document Folder is a perfect location for these notes. Use this folder to store anything from post-its or scratch paper all the way up to 8 ½ x 11 in size. Comprised of poly material, the document holder is lightweight, but still strong and durable.

The translucent outer appearance of the folders makes it possible to see some information inside. Use the small label, located on the top left side of the folder to help identify the contents. Available in a single color (smoke) or assorted packs, you also have the option to use color to help sort your miscellaneous paperwork.

Tarifold Document Folder

Tarifold’s document folders have translucent covers, making it possible to see what is stored inside.

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