Desktop Organizers Help Avoid Paper Clutter

Eliminate clutter and add some color to your desktop with Tarifold. By utilizing the freestanding Desktop Organizer, it is possible to store letter-size information that is used often throughout the workday without having to stack paperwork and files on the desktop.

Each organizer features a set of wire reinforced display pockets, snap-on index tabs, desk base and mounting bracket. The hardware that is included makes it possible to assemble the unit with ease.

Whether you are looking to store a small or large number of pages in one organizer, Tarifold can accommodate. Each organizer is available with a range of 10 to 60 pockets. If the number of documents being stored grows, there is always the option to purchase the expansion set to create more storage space.

The Desktop Organizer is available in seven different colors. Choose your favorite color or even pick something that will coordinate with your company’s logo to support the business.

How has the Tarifold Organizer helped you stay organized? Comment and let us know below.

Tarifold Desktop Organizer - Assorted Color Pockets

The Desktop Organizers are available in an assorted mix like the unit above, or choose from the seven solid colors units available.

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