Desktop Organizer Stores Large Quantities of Letter-Size Documents

Tarifold has many unique desktop organizers that help to store documents in a way that ensures they are protected, while still being visible. Some units can be attached to a cubicle wall to save desk space, while others have a base that makes it possible to the stand upright directly on your desktop.

Another one of Tarifold’s organizer designs maximizes the amount of pages that can be stored within a unit. The FoldFive Desktop Organizer Starter Set has the ability to display five times the amount of space as other organizers in the same amount of space.

Similar to other units, this organizer has ten wire-reinforced pockets that can store to letter-size pages. Additionally, each pocket has four attached clear plastic sleeves that are ideal for storing up to two pages each.

The sleeves combined with the pocket allow for a total of ten viewing slides per pocket. The snap-on index tabs make it possible to identify where information is stored throughout the desktop unit.

If you end up running out of space, the desk stand has the ability to expand in order to fit up to 30 pockets, and potentially, 300 pages. Add-on pockets are sold separately for those who want to increase the desktop units capacity.

This freestanding organizer is ideal for people in need of a lot of storage space for a small area!

Tarifold FoldFive Desktop Organizer Starter Set

Starter set desktop organizer has the ability to store and protect up to 100 letter-size pages.

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