Create Desktop Organizer to Personalize Your Desk Space

Tarifold has a wide range of products that can help keep files accessible while sorting your desktop. One of the most popular items are the Desktop Organizers, which are available in a variety of colors. The Organizer Sets come with the base, which is also sold separately.

Whether you need a replacement or want to convert some of the Tarifold document pockets into a desk unit, the Desktop Organizer Base is sold separately. The metal unit is available in size small, which can hold up to 30 pockets and large, which fits 60, letter-size pockets.

Using the base and purchasing Tarifold’s wire reinforced pockets separately allows the user to create a desktop organizer that is truly personalized to their needs and color preferences.

Tarifold Desktop Organizer Base

Depending on the size selected, the base can hold between 30 and 60 wire-reinforced edges.

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