Beneficial Having Dedicated Document Briefcase for Transporting Files

In the past, briefcases were typically used to store files and paperwork while traveling outside of the office. Now, they are more commonly used for transporting laptops and other electronic equipment between customers’ offices, work and home. There is little room left in briefcases for work files.

Tarifold has created a lightweight polypropylene case that is ideal for transporting documents. The Translucent Briefcase features a retractable handle, making it easy to hold when traveling to various offices. Although lightweight, the material is strong and able to protect documents store inside.

Overall, the briefcase has a frosted look, expect for the sides of the case, which are available in yellow, green or gray. The case also features two pen holders.

How would the Translucent Briefcase help in your work environment? Let us know your thoughts below.

The briefcase is translucent, but does have color on the sides to add a little flair to the unique file case.

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