Simply staple that stack of sheets

Need an easier way to staple that booklet of papers? If you have ever had a difficult time stapling together more than two sheets of paper, you must take a look at the PaperPro Hi Capacity Stapler.

The stapler allows you to staple up to 60 sheets of paper using only two fingers. It utilizes a staple gun mechanism to provide the power of an electric stapler, in a desktop version. By exerting only 12 pounds of pressure with your fingers, the stapler delivers 50 pounds of force.

Since it is designed for high volume commercial use, you can be sure it will withstand the wear and tear of the office. The staplers uses high capacity staples, designed to hold up to 60 sheets of paper.

PaperPro Hi Capacity Stapler

The PaperPro Hi Capacity Stapler lets you easily staple up to 60 sheets of paper with the touch of just two fingers.

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