Vertical File Jackets Provide Protection for Large Files

When it comes to storing large files, the traditional file folders may not be the most secure option. Since they are typically open on three-sides, there is more room for documents to slip out of the sides of the folder as it expands.

Kleer-fax makes Vertical File Jackets that are better equipped to handle large, expanding files. Closed on three-sides, this file jacket offers more protection than standard folders. Additionally, the full height gussets, located on both sides of the holder, allow for the file jacket to accommodate growing files.

Each gusset is lined with Tyvek® and is Mylar® reinforced to ensure that the file jackets continue to remain durable while they are being used. Additionally, the five-piece constructed jackets have a thumb-cut in the front cover to make it easy to retrieve documents. The back cover extends slightly higher to provide a space for labeling, so that the file jacket can be easily identified.

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Kleer-fax Vertical File Jackets

Kleer-fax Vertical File Jackets provide additional protection for documents with durable gussets located on both sides.

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