Use Bundle Bands to Better Organize Your Records Room

Maintaining and managing a record system is very important to most businesses because it ensures that there is documentation of client history, previous financial information, contracts and other documents. Keeping records organized is critical to make referencing information in the future easy.

Kleer-fax Bundle Bands are an essential item for any company attempting to maintain records. Sometimes files can too large to be contained to just one file folder. If there are numerous folders that are related to one project or customer, then it is important to store them together.

The Bundle Bands have the ability to group together numerous files in an effort to avoid losing information or documents. The bands are available in 8, 9, 10 and 11 inch lengths so they can accommodate relatively large files. Additionally, the bundle bands are color coded to help differentiate the sizes.

Add this Kleer-fax item to your record system to help prevent the loss of documents and control numerous stacks of paperwork.

Kleer-fax Bundle Bands

The Bundle Bands are available in four different colors, which also represent different sizes.

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