Unpunched Dividers Work with Numerous Binding Systems

Index dividers are a great way to separate large amounts of information within a binder. It eliminates forcing you to flip through the entire binder in search of a particular document by making it much easier to locate a specific section.

The most common type of dividers have an index tab located on the left side of the divider. However, Kleer-fax has additional options available that may provide you with more flexibility on how you organize your binder.

The 80000 Series Avery Style Exhibit Bottom Tab Dividers have printed tabs, which are laminated in order to make them more durable. The dividers are unpunched, providing the user with more flexibility when it comes to the binding system they end up selecting.

Since the tabs are located on the bottom of the divider, they can be paired with letter-size documents that are horizontally printed, for example.  The possibilities are endless for how these dividers can be used. Choose from tabs labeled “Exhibit A” through “Exhibit Z”.

These sturdy, bottom tab dividers are a great way to help your binder stay organized!

Kleer-fax 80000 Series Avery Style Exhibit Letters Individual Bottom Tabs, Letter Size

The unpunched dividers make it possible to use with a variety of binding systems.

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