Unique Multi-Punched Plastic Index Dividers Keep Files Organized

Generally speaking, keeping files and paperwork organized can make life a lot easier. Knowing exactly where information is stored automatically saves time since there is no scrambling to find documents. When asked to verify or look something up, it can take a few seconds versus hours even locating the information.

Kleer-fax has a variety of items that work at helping sort documents and keep paperwork organized. The Max TabsĀ® All Plastic Insertable Sets are just one of the many items to pick from. These insertable indexes allow for letter-size documents to be split up into sections within ring binders. The index dividers come with an identification tab that has customizable inserts, which can be created using a laser or inkjet printer.

The dividers, which are available in 5 or 8 tab styles, are 11-hole punched, allowing them to be stored in a variety of binder styles. The plastic construction is tear and water resistant, making it a durable choice for keeping paperwork in order.

What would you keep organized with the Max TabsĀ® All Plastic Insertable Sets? Share with us your ideas below!

The assorted tabs help to identify sections within the ring binder, making it easy to locate information.

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