Unique Index Dividers Have Erasable Tab

Organizing documents in binders are often made easy by using index dividers to create sections within the binder. Dividers are available in a variety of styles, with many even having tabs that help to identify each section.

Kleer-fax has many styles and sizes of index dividers available to choose from. The All-State Style Black Tabs Writeable/Erasable Collated Sets are one of the most unique dividers due to the erasable tab feature.

The letter size dividers are comprised of recycled stock with a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste. The tabs are laminated to extend the life of the divider. Additionally, since they come unpunched, the dividers can be used for a variety of binding systems.

The tabs are blank, and once the white label is attached, you can write directly on the label to create a binder section. If a section name happens to change, simply erase the text and rename that divider. Another unique aspect is that these tabs are located at the bottom of the divider, adding style to any binder.

How would these erasable tabbed dividers work for you? Comment below and let us know!

Kleer-fax 90000 Series All-State Style Blank Tabs Writeable/Eraseable Collated Sets Bottom Tabs, Letter Size

Once the white label is placed on the laminated tab, you can write directly on the label and erase text if needed.

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