Students Use Kleer-fax Dividers to Store Class Schedule

The first day of school is undoubtedly filled with nerves. Students walk through the halls trying to be on time for their new classes, as teachers hope to make good first impressions on their kids.

Kleer-fax has created a product that displays students’ class schedules, while acting as an index divider. The Plain Die Cut Ring Book Indexes will help take away some of the first day nerves by keeping their schedule on-hand at all times.

The first divider has a Monday thru Friday schedule printed directly on the front. Students can fill-in where they should be between class periods 1 through 8. At the bottom of the divider, there is space for personal information like name and school, which can be helpful if the binder gets lost.

In total, there are five assorted dividers with tabs included in this set. The tabs are blank, so the student can write-on the tabs and personalize how they are used. Since the dividers are already three-hole punched, they can be stored in any standard three-ring binder.

Anyone used the Kleer-fax Plain Die Cut Ring Book Indexes to keep you organized? Let us know below.

The assorted 5-tab dividers work well with standard three-ring binders since they are prepunched.

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