Pre-Cut Shield Tabs Help Identity Where Information is Stored

Being organized can be valuable for many reasons, but one major benefit is that it allows you to locate information much easier. Having things appropriately labeled and filed will help reference specific information, especially if it has been stored away for some time.

Depending on the type of office supplies you use, some files may have labeling or indexing abilities and some may not. For those items without any write-on labeling space, Kleer-fax has an easy fix for you.

The Pre-Cut Shield Tabs can instantly attach to filing products and create a way to label that section. The tabs work great with index cards, dividers and other commonly used products. Available in various lengths, the tabs have a self-adhesive part that adheres to the product.

The tabs come with inserts that can be customized and printed on your laser/inkjet printer. If you happen to be pressed for time, you can also write directly on the inserts. Choose between the clear tabs or the assorted version, which can help sort files by using color.

Do you think using the Pre-Cut Shield Tabs would help keep you more organized? If so, tell us how!

Kleer-fax Pre-cut Shield Tabs

Choose from clear or assorted color tabs to help make your new labels stand out.

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