Plastic Divider Sets Organize Various Binder Styles

Finding information inside a binder can sometimes be difficult especially if the binder is full of pages and information. To help get the binder organized, it is easy to create sections that help when referencing information. The Kleer-fax Max Tabs All Plastic Insertable Sets are dividers with tabs that help identify sections.

The plastic dividers come in a 5-tab or 8-tab set and are multi-punched to fit a variety of binding styles. Available in 11 x 8-1/2 with a 1/2 in. extension, each set comes with tab inserts that can be customized by printing on a laser or inkjet printer.

Both sets of dividers come with assorted colors making them stand-out while they are stored in binders among pages. These colorful dividers with tabs are a great way to organize information inside binders so that pages are found much quicker.

Kleer-fax Max Tabs All Plastic Insertable Sets

Assorted dividers with tabs are multi-punched in order to fit in a variety of binder styles.

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