Organize Binders with Index-Pro Table of Contents Dividers

Using the right products can help even the most organized person keep information and important documents in order. Creating information binders in both the work place and home can allow for paperwork to be made more accessible in a matter of minutes.

There are various ways to organize a binder, but the most commonly used method is to divide the paperwork being stored into numerous categories. Kleer-fax has dividers available to allow each section to be individually identified.

The Index-Pro Table of Contents Dividers comes with a table of contents page, which aligns with the tabs for a quick reference of information. The letter-size dividers are available with assorted or black and white tabs. Depending on how many and what type of tabs are needed, Kleer-fax has options to select. Tab titles range from numbers to the alphabet to months of the year.

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Choose from assorted or black and white tabs to make a statement on your next presentation.

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