Make Documents Transport Ready with Kleer-fax Vertical Files

The key to staying organized is making your storage system simple and efficient. Adjusting how files are stored based on your needs makes the system more manageable in the long run. If documents are transported between individuals or different buildings, preserving the pages and making it transport ready is important.

Many professionals, such as sales associates and lawyers, can often be faced with this situation. Kleer-fax is a durable unit that makes it possible to transport documents, while keeping them organized.

Available in 12 x 10 or 15 x 10 sizes, the 21-Pocket File with Flap and Elastic Closure is a heavy duty product. Made from heavy Kraft stock with Mylar® reinforced full height gussets, the file allows documents to be sorted through 21 labeled pockets. Sort information by organizing pages by alphabet, month and dates or write-in your own labels on the blank space of the tabs.

To ensure documents are secure during storage, close the long flap and secure in place with the elastic closure to make sure pages do not shift or fall out during transport.

Kleer-fax Vertical Files Paper with Flap and Elastic Closure

Sort documents throughout the pre-labeled 21 pockets to keep information organized.

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