Legal Size Documents Protected with Kleer-fax

Even though legal size paper is not the most commonly used size, there are many professions that are still required to use it, especially for official documents. Everyone from realtors to lawyers utilize the 8 ½ x 14 size.

For individuals that use this size, it can sometimes seem as though the choices are limited in order to find storage options to fit.  Kleer-fax has many products that are created to fit legal size pages, while still providing the same level of protection. The Manila File Jackets, in particular, are ideal for removing files from the office.

The file is created from acid-free manila construction, which is archival-quality insuring that photocopy does not transfer. The full height gussets allows for the jacket to expand, in order to increase storage space. The front panel has a thumb cut, making it easier to search through and locate particular documents.

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The double ply file jackets offer protection to legal size documents.

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