Kleer-Fax Dividers with Bottom Tab Work Great in Any Binder Style

In the workplace, spreadsheets are a popular way to combine a lot of information into a more condensed format. Ideal for customer presentations, tables can help display sales numbers, company growth, etc.

Some spreadsheets can have so many columns that it makes it difficult to keep on one page, making it necessary to print in landscape orientation to make all the fields visible. When the information is stored in a binder to present to a customer, it is important to identify the information and keep it organized. Typically, index dividers are the ideal way to go.

Traditional dividers will have a tab on the right side, but Kleer-fax has a unique option that works especially well with landscape orientated documents. The Kleer-fax 90000 Series All-State Style Blank Bottom Tabs enable the user to see how the binder is organized without having to look at it vertically to read the tabs and then horizontally to view the document.

Each tab is laminated to provide extra protection. Write on the tab and erase if necessary or use the white labels for a more permanent option. The dividers come unpunched making it possible for them to fit in a variety of binding systems. The letter size index dividers make it easy to locate information throughout the binder.

Kleer-fax 90000 Series All-State Style Blank Tabs Writeable/Eraseable Collated Sets Bottom Tabs, Letter Size

Tabs are blank and come with white labels to help customize your binder.

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