Kleer-Fax Bottom Tabs Divider Binder Contents into Sections

Depending on the information stored inside a binder, it may require more or less organizational items to help get the documents in order and make them easily referenced. Index dividers are often the most used way to organize paperwork that is placed in a ring binder.

Kleer-fax has many different styles and varieties of dividers to pick from. The Exhibit Letter Tabs are letter-size paper dividers that have pre-printed, laminated tabs to help group specific documents together. The set comes with tabs labeled “Exhibit A – Exhibit Z”, allow documents to be divided up into 26 different categories.

A unique feature of these dividers is that the tab is located on the bottom of the divider. This can be beneficial if one section is particularly large and requires additional sorting. Since the tabs are located on the bottom, it gives the user the freedom to incorporate dividers with side tabs into the mix in order to create additional divisions within the individual section.

Kleer-fax 90000 Series All-State Style Exhibit Letters Collated Sets Bottom Tabs, Letter Size

Letter-size dividers have a unique set of tabs located at the bottom of the divider and labeled “Exhibit A” through “Exhibit Z”.

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