Keep Documents Protected While On-the-Go with Kleer-fax Envelopes

Teachers will often send home important paperwork with the students for their parents. A child’s backpack can be thought of as somewhat of a danger zone so sending documents home are at risk of being damaged along the way.

Using Kleer-fax Expanding Envelopes to transport paperwork from school to home is a great practice to incorporate in your classroom this upcoming school year. The one-piece construction envelopes have a 2” expansion so they can fit a large amount of paper.

The 11-point red wallet material is comprised of recycled stock and 10 percent post-consumer waste. The material and color is likely different to other items in the book bag, so it will stand-out to parents. Documents inside are secured with the elastic closure, ensuring pages will not be misplaced during transport.

Kleer-fax Expanding Envelopes - Elastic Ties

Expanding up to 2″ wide, the Kleer-fax Envelopes have a durable elastic closure to secure documents in place.

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