Jazz Bands are File Label and Handle All-in-One

When developing a storage method for files, it can sometimes seem like you have to utilize so many different products to store, label and protect your documents. Kleer-fax offers an all-in-one storage system that organizes files in minutes.

The Jazz Bands can create a filing system and handle device all within one product. The handle, which also serves as a file label, is laser or inkjet printer compatible, so you have the ability to customize the file name.

Available in five different colors, the bands can also be utilized to color code files to help identify and sort through documents. Additionally, organizing by color with the bands helps avoid the cost of color-coded products.

Utilizing the Jazz Bands will help to extend the life of files, since it eliminates pulling on the file itself. How have you used Kleer-fax filing system in the past? Let us know below.

Kleer-fax Jazz Bands

The Jazz Bands come in different colors, which makes it easy to categorize the files by color coding.

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