From Office to Client Meeting, Manila File Jackets Prove Durable

There are very few document holders that are able to support storage in an office filing cabinet and be durable enough to survive being transported to an outside client meeting. Usually, individuals put documents in a separate, more secure file if they are taking documents outside of the office.

Fortunately, Kleer-fax has a solution that eliminates using multiple files for these types of situations. The Manila File Jackets provide enough protection for documents that travel between offices. Several features contribute to these jackets being ideal for this purpose.

Each jacket has a gusset that extends from top to bottom, ensuring that no documents are lost. There are three different size gussets to select from; 1”, 1-1/2”, and 2”. Additionally, each file is created from a one-piece die cut construction, which has a thumb cut in the front panel to allow for easier reference of documents.

Letter size documents that are stored in this document for a long period of time will also be preserved, since the manila construction is acid-free and archival quality.

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The gusset expands to fit more letter size documents, and extends to the full height of the file to secure pages in place.

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