File Jacket Label & Handle All-in-One

File jackets are a great place to store numerous files in one central location. They become particularly helpful when trying to file away files from previous years. Taking all your prospective accounts, for example, and storing them within one file jacket helps to group all the information together.

When the jacket is stored on a self, it may not be easy to identify if there are numerous holders being store in one space. Writing on the file’s gusset is an option, but it does eliminate any potential for reuse. Instead, Kleer-fax has developed a laser/inkjet compatible label-handle combination tool that can be used.

Kleer-fax Jazz Bands, which come in five color selections, have the ability to identify file jackets, while making it easy to retrieve. By printing on the labels, you are creating a professional, customized tag that makes it easy to know what type of information is stored in the file jacket.

The label can also be used as a handle, making the jacket easy to retrieve. In addition, using the handle will extend the lifestyle of the file jacket by eliminating the potential for the gusset to tear or stretch.

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Preserve your file jackets by using Kleer-fax Jazz Bands as a handle, making it easier to retrieve the file from storage.

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