Dividers with Preprinted Indexes in One

Organizing ring binders that need a more cohesive look with laminated labels can be done easily with Kleer-fax’s Pride Series Preprinted Laminated Tabs. The dividers are made to be extra durable, which is good for sorting and easy to reference files.

The letter-size Preprinted Ringbook Indexes serve as dividers and are constructed of 32-pound recycled stock with 30 percent post-consumer waste. The dividers are three-hole punched for easy storage in a 3-ring binder.

Kleer-fax Pride Series Preprinted Laminated Tabs

Available with three different label systems and reinforced with Clear Mylar material.

Each set of tabs are printed on both sides that are labeled either numerically (1-31), by month (Jan-Dec.) or alphabetically (A-Z) in black ink, which saves users the hassle of hand writing labels. In addition, each tab is sealed with a clear Mylar material that reinforce the binding edge and enhance the strength of the tab, allowing for long-term usage.

Kleer-fax Pride Series Preprinted Laminated Tabs does two jobs in one – Indexes and Divides – at an economy price. What’s not to like?

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