Create a Customized Filing System with Kleer-fax

In order to properly store documents and files, it is important to create an organizational system that will make it easy to reference information in the future. Creating labels for files is a great tool that can be used to identify what type of information is being stored within the file.

Kleer-fax Jazz Bands allow users to create an economical filing system that they are able to customize and tailor to their individual needs. The labels, which are available in five different colors, come two per sheet and can be used with a laser or inkjet computer.

Not only will the label help identify the contents of the file, but it also serves as a handle. This feature will help to extend the life of the file by eliminating the risk of stretching and tearing from occurring to the gusset.

Kleer-fax Jazz Bands

The Jazz Bands are available in five different colors, making it possible to organize by color coding.

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