Blank Tabs Make It Possible to Customize Index Dividers

Index dividers are a great tool to use to help divide and sort documents within binders. Many times dividers come with tabs that are preprinted to help identify what type of information is stored inside each section.

Kleer-fax has unique dividers that come with blank tabs, allowing the user to customize how the information is organized. The 80000 Series Avery Style Blank Tabs are made from recycled stock with a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste.

The letter-size divider is plain white in color and helps to split up documents. Since the dividers are unpunched, they can be used in a variety of binding systems. Tabs are located on the bottom of the divider. They are 1/5 of an inch in size. Write-on the tabs with a permanent marker or pen in order to label the tab and help identify where information is stored.

Kleer-fax 80000 Series Avery Style Blank Tabs

Kleer-fax Bottom Tabs are blank, making it easier to customize how you organize the letter-size binder.

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