Avoid Losing Information with Kleer-fax Bundle Bands

In some cases, one file may not be enough to contain all project documents, patient medical forms and customer contracts. If multiple file folders are required for one topic, it is easy to group all the information together with the use of a Kleer-fax item.

The Bundle Bands are patented rubber bands with two metal clips that have the ability to band files securely together to eliminate the potential for losing information. The bands come in different colors, which represent the size of the band. There are four different sizes available, ranging from 8” to 11”.

To use, vertically stack the files you want to band together. Stretch the Bundle Bands around all four sides of the holder to secure the files in place. Save time with Kleer-fax by avoiding looking in multiple places for information by grouping large files together.

Kleer-fax Bundle Bands

Available in four different sizes, the bundle bands avoid document lose by grouping together numerous files.

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