Access Information Quickly with Kleer-fax Side Tabs

To be more efficient at work sometimes mean to be well organized. Kleer-fax has an 8000 Series Avery Style Letters Collated Sets Side Tabs that can help sort and divide documents to access information quicker and more efficiently.

These durable legal dividers are not only green but also very useful. They are made with a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste and they come in collated sets. The collated set provides more sorting options to assemble all kinds of documents. Plus, the unpunched dividers can hold letter-sized documents and can be punched for a variety of binding systems.

Kleer-fax 80000 Series Avery Style Letters Collated Sets Side Tabs

The Kleer-fax dividers have laminated side tabs that are printed front and back.

The dividers have side tabs that are laminated to enhance the sturdiness and prolong the life of the tabs. They are labeled with lettersĀ ranging from A to ZZ and 1/26 cut. The letter tab labels can help find needed documents right away. If more organization options are needed, the 8000 series is interchangeable with Avery’s style of exhibit dividers.

Have you used this 8000 series divider before? How did you use it to organize your files?

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