Wire-Bound Calendar Perfect for Office and Business Travel

For those who tend to travel for work, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of important information and documents. Forgetting files at the office can be any professional’s worst nightmare when traveling to a client meeting. This makes it essential to be mindful of what organizational items you are using to make sure they can easily be packed up when necessary.

Calendars, for example, store a lot more information than simply dates. People include meeting schedules, attendee names, locations and so much more. Forgetting this type of information is simply not an option, so choosing a calendar that can travel with you is important.

House of Doolittle has a unique planner that has the ability to be stored on your desktop when in the office, but folds up to fit in any standard size briefcase when traveling. The Daily/Monthly 24/7 Planner is a 12-month calendar that is wire bound and light-weight, making it the perfect partner for traveling professionals.

The calendar, which is 7 x 10 inches in size, features a monthly two-page spread. The monthly overview page allows for dates to be recorded within minimal details included. Each day has its own page, which creates a space to include more in depth information about appointments coming up.

This versatile planner is the perfect place to record important information, since it can easily be taken on the road or stored directly on one’s desk space. Organizational products that can function in both settings can be very helpful in the business world.

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House of Doolittle Daily/Monthly 24/7 Planner

This planner has the ability to store a lot of information on either the monthly two-page spread or each individual day page.

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