Wall Planner Great New Addition to Office Space

Spring cleaning time is here! Although your focus might be on getting your house in order, do not forget to pay attention to your office space at work. Getting rid of clutter and reorganizing is a great way to revitalize your work space for the remainder of the year.

When changing up the office, take a look at how things are organized in order to determine if there is a better approach. Using a different style calendar is one simple change that might make it easier to track appointments without using desk space. Taking a look at the wall planners that House of Doolittle has might be an easy fix that has large benefits.

The ExpressTrack Laminated Yearly Wall Planner, which is 24 x 37 in size, will not only add some color to the otherwise neutral office walls, but it will also keep the annual schedule in a visible place. The two-side calendar has the ability to be displayed vertically or horizontally

The write-on/wipe-off feature makes it possible to update the calendar without having to mess anything up. If appointments or events get rescheduled, simply take a clean, damp cloth and wipe away the water soluble marker ink. The hangers are included with the calendar, making the set-up easy.

Using the House of Doolittle’s wall planner is just one step in creating a new and improved work space.

House of Doolittle ExpressTrack Laminated Yearly Wall Planner

This teal, laminated wall planner can be used horizontally or vertically depending on your wall space.

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